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When it comes to living in luxury, most people envision having spaciousness – open layouts, huge windows that let natural light flood in, and exquisite views. With Icon Buckhead, you’ll have all of this, including expansive skyline views to enjoy anytime you want to pause and drink in the moment. Not only will you be able to enjoy stunning views from your luxury apartment, but the Sky Club Terrace also offers you the ability to see the city – and life – from a completely new perspective.

What the Sky Club Terrace Has to Offer

The rooftop terrace at Icon Buckhead is stylish and modern. It’s designed to offer comfortable spots for socializing or for precious me-time. With plush couches and plenty of chairs, glowing fireplaces, and a chic design palette, you can experience plenty of serene afternoons and exhilarating rooftop evenings with friends when you rent an apartment in one of the most sought-after luxury high-rise buildings.

The Sky Club Terrace also includes a sparkling pool and a hot tub. You can relax in the water while viewing the sun set beneath the city’s skyline. It’s truly a blissful experience – and it’s something you can do every day when you live in one of the luxury rentals at Icon Buckhead.

The sky-high view is magnificent. You can watch the hustle and bustle of Peachtree Road and view the green spaces and energy of the city beneath you. There are also plenty of small trees, tropical plants, and shrubs placed throughout the rooftop terrace to add to the elegance of the space.

To visit the Sky Club Terrace and view the rest of the amenities at Icon Buckhead, schedule your tour today.