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There’s something endlessly satisfying about coming home to luxury living. When you rent an Icon Buckhead apartment, you’ll get the best of modern Atlanta luxury every day. The moment you head home, whether you’re leaving work or finishing a day enjoying the city, you’ll feel that sense of contentment knowing all that awaits you.

Beautiful Pools and Modern Bars Right at Home

Imagine having a spacious pool and fully-equipped bar right outside your home – it would feel like you’re living in a five-star hotel. That’s what life is like at Icon Buckhead. Anytime you’d like, whether you want to relax on a sunny morning or have a few drinks and a swim under the stars, you can. Even better, you’ll enjoy the views of Atlanta all around you as the Icon Buckhead pool and bar are located on the rooftop.

You can take a book and have a cocktail by the pool or invite friends over for an evening of fun – without ever having to catch an Uber or deal with parking. The best of Atlanta’s nightlife is at your fingertips at Icon Buckhead.

Modern Onsite Dog Park

If you have a loyal, furry friend, you can treat them to the luxury lifestyle as well. At Icon Buckhead, there is a dedicated onsite dog park where you can let your pet run around, play catch, and socialize with other dogs.

This can be a great way for your pet to get some exercise and fresh air, but it’s also convenient for you. Instead of having to roll out of bed and take your dog for a walk on the streets outside, you can brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea and bring it with you as you enjoy the fresh morning air right here at the fenced-in dog park.

Onsite Working Space

Another advantage of calling Icon Buckhead home is the onsite working space. A lot of companies today let their employees work remotely. While you’ll love working from your modern apartment, it’s also nice to get out and be around people while you work. Instead of having to head to a local coffee shop or rent a co-working space, you can work in peace and quiet, save on travel costs, and complete your work tasks at the Icon Buckhead working space.

Imagine transitioning from work to swimming in a rooftop hot tub within five minutes – all you need to do is shut off your laptop and walk over.

Treat yourself to modern luxury. Schedule your tour today.